Livestream Overlay Manager 利用者アンケート(Livestream Overlay Manager User Survey)

The maximum number of questions is six and takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. The answers will be sent directly to the developer and will certainly be used as a reference for development.
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質問1:Livestream Overlay Manager の利用状況を教えてください(Question 1: How is Livestream Overlay Manager being used?) *
質問2:質問1で使ったことがあると回答された方に質問です。Livestream Overlay Manager に点数を付けるとしたら何点ですか?(Question 2: If you answered that you have used Livestream Overlay Manager in question 1, what would you give it a score?)
使用に値しない(not worthy of use)
非常に気に入っている(Very much like it.)
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質問3:質問1で使ったことがあると回答された方に質問です。操作性についてどう思いますか?(Question 3: This question is for those who responded that they have used the system in question 1. What do you think about the operability?)
複雑すぎる(It's too complicated.)
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質問4:質問1で使用したことがないと回答された方に質問です。利用に至らなかった理由を教えてください。(Question 4: This question is for those who answered that they have never used the system in question 1. Please tell us why you have not used it.)
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質問5:Livestream Overlay Manager に追加してほしい機能、または改善してほしい点があれば教えてください。(Question 5: What features would you like to see added or improved in Livestream Overlay Manager?)
質問6:Livestream Overlay Manager の月額費用はいくらぐらいが妥当だと思いますか?(Q6: How much do you think is a reasonable monthly cost for Livestream Overlay Manager?) *
質問7:ご意見があればお寄せください。(Question 7: Please provide any comments you may have.)
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