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For spacing purposes- How many tables will you need based on your previous entry with the above email? (If you are representing 8 labs or collaborative work experiences, but only two people will be present you may need two tables. But if you have 6 people and 6 labs you may need more tables)
Are there other needs besides a table?
How many people will represent your lab(s) and table(s), and who will be present at the event? (please provide a number and names if possible). If you know you want to have a graduate student (or 3) or undergraduate students, that is fine. Just let us know who will be representing you.
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We are creating a program for the event so that students (and other faculty) can see who is there and what areas/disciplines you represent. For the program at the event, which will have information for each of your labs, how do you want your lab/yourself to be listed? For each lab or opportunity you are presenting, list professor/mentor names, lab/research names, and one sentence describing the area of concentration, (It will be processed through a MailMerge, so please list exactly as you want it listed.) ex- Dr John Smith- Smith Lab: Aerodynamic properties of cows in space and the breakdown of matter. smithlab@ua.edu
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After you fill out this registration form, we hope we don't have more questions for you, but if so, please provide the best way to contact you. Phone number or email. You can begin set up between 11-12pm and the event is 12:00-1:30pm Friday, November 8, 2019. Thank you so much for providing this information. We want this to be a great experience for you and the students, and we feel that this information will allow us to showcase you and your work in the best way possible.
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