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This form is for those who would like to help other organizers/campaigners by serving as resource people in our Q+A Action Squad. The short answers you would post based on your experience or networks, would appear on a dedicated section of the Blueprints for Change website and would be shared out with our wider audience through bi-weekly mailouts to our 1400-strong organizer/campaigner audience. Fuller description of the project can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15ZjPSj2mNB_TzhRppPpWCUfKduSe8CJoD3QPoNLEahM/edit#
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Action Squad expectations
The way it works is simple. We solicit questions from our audience and send you new questions (via a dedicated Mailchimp group for the Q+A project) once a week, encouraging you to go see the questions and drop answers in if you have them. Expectation is just short answers or references to other places where the info can be found, that's it. All we ask is that you look regularly at questions and chip in from time to time.
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