Spring 2020 FREE Arabic Workshop Registration Form -
This workshop is offered for FREE, to Drake University community, students, staff and faculty members.
No previous knowledge in Arabic is necessary.
Sessions time: Every Monday 5:30PM - 7:00PM March 23rd through April 20th, 2020
Updated Location as of 3/18/2020: Online: Link will be e-mailed to join sessions.
Questions? Contact the Arabic Language Instructor, Ibrahim Khalaylih at ibrahim.khalaylih@drake.edu.

Register now, and (if eligible) be one of the first 10 people who will receive FREE Arabic textbook for this workshop.
Eligibility for the FREE textbooks, you will have to be undergraduate not yet in your fourth year at Drake, AND must have not taken any Arabic classes at drake before. Those who do not get free textbooks, can still buy them from the bookstore, if they choose to. Text books are not required for this workshop, but highly recommended.
At the end of the workshop, those who attend ALL sessions of the workshop will receive a Certificate of completion of the Arabic Language workshop.
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