Tremder Kickstarter Questionnaire:
With our last survey. The people want a full blown Kickstarter hands down. Over 95% of you voted for one. Well if you guys want one, We'll get you one! This survey covers perks, prices and stretch goals you might want to see during the kickstarter. This survey may take a while to finish as it will have a few sections and a good smattering of questions. 2 Surveyors who do not already have an account will be gifted an account (chosen at random) for filling out the survey. Please be honest in your replies as this will shape the kickstarter itself. Survey will run until the end of march (while we plan the kickstarter also.) No date to start the kickstarter has been set at this point. Please visit our social media pages for more updates on that matter.

Mortain- Tremder Owner

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