Bourne Community Bus - proposed new routes
Octagon Parish Resident's Survey
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What is your age?
Do you have a disability, health condition or access need?
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If your answer is yes, please tell us more about this.
Do you have any connection to the armed forces?
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If so, please state the connection.
Do you drive or use your own car?
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How often do you travel as a passenger in someone else's car? (please choose one)
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How often do you use taxis? (please choose one)
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What forms of transport do you use on a regular basis? (tick all those that apply)
Where is the closest public bus stop to your home?
Do you struggle to access amenities or services because of a lack of public transport?
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Please tell us more about this
Do you struggle to afford public or private transport
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If a Wednesday morning service for the Bourne Community Bus stopped near you, how often would you use it? (please choose one)
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For what reasons might you use the Wednesday morning Bourne Community Bus? (tick all that apply)
Please note any other reasons you might use the Bourne Community Bus
What places would you travel to on the Bourne Community Bus?
How might the Bourne Community Bus make a difference to your life?
The Bourne Community Bus is free to use. Please tell us what impact it would have if you had to pay for these bus trips. (This is to help the bus continue to get funding, there are no plans to start charging!)
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How well would the Bourne Bus service meet your needs in picking up at safe locations in Compton, East Marden, West Marden, Forestside, Walderton, Stoughton, Racton, Lordington, Stansted, Rowlands Castle, Westbourne, Emsworth, Havant Tesco? (please tick one below) 
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What changes would you like to see in the future, or extra services added?
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