Sodus Recreation - Summer 2023!
July 10th- August 10th           Monday- Thursday 
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Does Sodus Recreation have permission to upload photos and videos taken during our planned activities and share them on our Facebook and website that may contain your child? *
Children in the Tot program need to be fully potty trained. Our staff will not be able to assist in changing diapers. This is non-negotiable. If your child is not potty trained and arrives at our program, we will need to send them home. *
Lunch will be available at no cost to your child. We will have our lunches in the Intermediate building and on most days we will eat outside, weather permitting. You may also send a lunch with your child if you prefer.  Children choosing to eat a school lunch will have the opportunity to make a selection from the daily choices upon arrival at the check in desk. Please keep in mind, our lunch choices need to be to our kitchen staff by 9:45am. If your child enters later than that, they may not have a choice for their lunch.
*Special dietary restrictions will be the responsibility of each family at school as well as on Field Trips; please plan accordingly.                                                                                                                                                                                                
By submitting this form, I release the Town of Sodus Recreation and its staff, from all responsibility or liability in connection with all activities for the participants listed above during all Sodus Recreation programs. I acknowledge that the participants listed above have no known physical impairments or limitations which may predispose them to risk during recreational activity. Should emergency medical services be required for your child while attending Sodus Recreation programs, medical personnel will be contacted immediately, as well as parents/guardians and/or any emergency contact numbers you have given us. *
Behavior Policy 2023:
  We understand that sometimes emotions can be difficult to handle, but we cannot tolerate physical aggression, innapropriate or derogatory language, or repeated fails to comply with staff requests. We work to encourage participants to express themselves verbally, approach our staff with issues they are having with other participants, or communicate their needs to a parent. Our primary priority is safety, and physical aggression puts other participants at risk. Hitting/kicking/striking/pushing another child is not acceptable behavior. Physical aggression is grounds for removal from our program for the day, week, or season. In the unfortunate event that any form of diciplinary action needs to be taken with your child, the Town of Sodus Recreation Staff will make those decisions. If your child is removed based on disciplinary reasons once the season has begun, refunds will not be made.  
If you have any questions regarding Sodus Recreation programs or registration, please do not hesitate to email or contact Sheila Fisher at: or #315-576-0559 during regular business hours- Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. PLEASE DO NOT USE FACEBOOK MESSENGER. THOSE MESSAGES WILL NOT BE ANSWERED.
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