PASSING THE BATON - Group Bookings only
Here individuals from a Group (e.g. XYZ Church) can be registered by the Group Co-ordinator. Later, PTB organisers will contact the Group Co-ordinator to organise one lump payment. You will need the names and electives choices for each delegate you are registering. If you need to contact PTB, ring Rob Adams 0407 422 350
GROUP NAME - Church or Organisation you are representing *
Please enter this each time to link the individual delegates together as a single booking. This will also appear on all the individuals name tags (e.g. Blackwood Baptist)
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If you have any general questions or comments for your group registration, then enter them here or contact Rob Adams 0407 422 350 or
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Group Co-ordinator's details OR Delegates details *
If this is the beginning of your Group registering process, then click 'Group Co-ord details' so that we get your details as the Group Co-ordinator. Otherwise click "Register DELEGATE" to register any further individual delegates who are part of this Group..
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