Cuyahoga SWCD Scavenger Hunt
Thanks for taking our website scavenger hunt. We hope you learn more about who we are, what we do and the services we provide to Cuyahoga County. For answers, visit our website at

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What is the mission of Cuyahoga SWCD? *
What are the four areas of What We Do? *
Cuyahoga SWCD serves all of Cuyahoga County but we have three staff members who focus on three watersheds. What are those watersheds? *
As a non-regulatory public service, the District’s Stormwater Program is focused on developing and implementing better methods to help guide planning, design, construction and maintenance of water quality BMP's. What does BMP stand for? *
Education is the cornerstone of any soil and water conservation district. Check all the boxes of programs our educators provide. *
What does N.U.T.S. stand for? (Hint: Look under Programs) *
When is the best time to test your soil? (Hint: Look under Resources) *
Name one staff member and one board member of Cuyahoga SWCD - and their titles. (Hint: Look under About) *
Cuyahoga SWCD staff writes weekly blogs. Read one of our blogs and tell us in a couple sentences what it was about. Don't forget to tell us the title/author as well so we can check your work. (Hint: Look under Blogs - you can sort by Category, Year, or Author)
Extra credit: Watch our new Cuyahoga SWCD video - "Who We Are and What We Do." Tell us two things you learned. (Hint: Go to Mission and scroll down)
Extra Extra Credit: Visit the Stormwater Education page on our website (under Programs). There are pledges, brochures, articles, posters, conservation tips, etc. Browse around and let us know what you learned. (Hint: Go to Programs, then Stormwater Education)
Extra Extra Extra Credit: Be sure to 'like' us on Facebook at Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District and follow us on Instagram at cuyahogaswcd. *
Do you have any questions for us about who we are and what we do? Ask away!
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