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The PBS Kids TV-Show MOLLY OF DENALI is looking for curious, charismatic, and energetic Alaskan kids for a new digital short video series. MOLLY'S AWESOME ALASKAN KID VIDEOS will feature real kids vlogging Molly-style and showing everyone just how cool it is to live in Alaska.

1. Ask a parent or guardian for permission.
2. Create a 2- to 3-minute demo video, filmed selfie-style with a cellphone or by a friend, of you giving a tour of something you love about living in Alaska, like your culture, food, pet, things that you like to do, etc.
3. Ask a parent or guardian to fill out the form below.
4. Upload the video to our secured Sony Ci site (link below).
5. Fill out and upload an appearance release. This will allow us to review your video (link below).

• You can record a video by yourself or with a sibling, friend, or family member. But remember, we want to hear from you. We want to see your personality, hear what you think, and see Alaska from your eyes. It is important that you lead the video, not the person filming you.
• Try to not to plan your video too much. Be natural!
• We recommend using a smart phone to film your demo.
• If you don’t have Internet access at home, try uploading your demo video to Sony Ci at your local library.
PLEASE NOTE: Should you be chosen to participate, you will need to have access to internet service.

• Deadline for submissions: February 17, 2020
• Selections announced: March 20, 2020
• Filming Orientation: April (exact date TBD)
• Filming: April - August 2020

**Note: Molly’s Awesome Alaskan Kid Videos is produced by WGBH Educational Foundation, a non-profit Massachusetts corporation. Selected kids will not receive any compensation for their participation.
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Mahsi' choo! Thank you for signing up! Participants will be notified by March 20, 2020
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