PRISM Project VTuber Application Form
We have not decided about debut timing for the next generation. Please understand it takes a long time until we reach out to you due to these circumstances. We thank you for your patience.


PRISM Project is one of the most active VTuber agencies for English speakers. We are looking for highly-motivated people with a passion for virtual idols.

We look forward to meeting applicants who have
- experience publishing content on Youtube/Twitch
- a concrete blueprint of the character you want to be
- a big passion for virtual activity

【Important notice about the introduction video】
Please prepare an introduction video in the format instructed below, either with video or audio-only. (You don't have to prepare your own model if you don't have it.)

【How to upload the video】
Upload the video on Youtube as "unlisted," not "public" or "private." You cannot pass the selection if we cannot access the video. (How to make your video unlisted: )

PRISM Project audition team

Please contact us if you find an issue about this form:
contact [@]
Email *
Introduction video *
【Introduce yourself as your own, original character. [5 min.]】 If your original character has a profile or backstory setting, please state it in the description area of your video. Please also indicate there if you drew the character yourself or not. (Please read the notice which is stated above carefully when you upload the video.)
Another reference video (if any) *
【Showcase your singing skill, and please share your other unique skill such as drawing, voice acting etc. [5 min.]】 Please input N/A if you won't upload an additional video.
Motivation and Experience
Why do you want to be a VTuber? Explain your goal through VTubing. *
Please explain precisely, if possible.
Do you have experience in online streaming? Please describe it and include some URLs. *
What is your specialty or something you love passionately? *
Are you able to commit to streaming at least an average of 4 times a week for a minimum year-long period? *
Please explain if you have any foreseeable obstacles in the near future for streaming frequency. *
e.g.) Working as a full-time in the near future etc. If not, input N/A.
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