2nd Annual NSANYS Awards - Application
Nursing Students’ Association of New York State (NSANYS) Scholarships presented to NSNA members enrolled in an Accredited New York State Nursing program leading to licensure and educational advancement.

Students in programs leading to nursing licensure:
-Associate Degree in Nursing (A.A.S)
-Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N)
-Second-degree student in an accelerated BSN program

Nurses in programs of educational advancement:
-Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program (R.N. to B.S.N.)

NSANYS is proud to announce the 2018 NSANYS Awards! We encourage all to apply, where applicable!

Instructions: all applicants must fill out personal information and education sections, regardless of award selection. Then select one award that you would like to apply for - only complete the prompts for the award you selected. Incomplete section of the award you are applying for will NOT be considered.

DEADLINE: 11:59PM January 16th, 2019

Award Recipients will be announced during the Awards Ceremony at the NSANYS 67th Annual Convention on Saturday, February 9th, 2019.

Questions? Contact the Nominations and Elections Chair, Mary Andrews, at nec.nsanys@gmail.com

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1. Chapter of the Year Award
This Chapter of the Year Award will be given to the local SNA chapter that is most active and contributes heavily to their local community.
1 (a.) List your chapter's accomplishments from 2018-2019 (i.e. volunteering, donations, service projects, etc.)
1 (b.) Provide a brief description of 3-5 events your chapter has hosted and a 150-200 word description on why your school chapter should receive this award.
1 (c.) Upload photos of events to support your events (encouraged, but optional)
1 (d.) Please include any other information that you feel is pertinent to support your chapter's accomplishments.
2. Community Health Contribution Award
This award will be awarded to a fellow student that has been recognized by their peers for their contribution to their community. Giving back to the community can take forms in so many ways as a nursing student. The student could have organized an event or participated an event hosted amonn their school, local community, or local health departments. (For example: organizing a donation drive, participating at a school event, participating in a community health event associated with any organization, volunteering their time, etc. )
Eligibility Requirements:
Student must be nominated by an NSNA member
Another student will fill out and submit the application on behalf of the nominee
2 (a.) Please give two examples of when/how the student you are nominating inspired you with their community service or dedication to their community in terms of volunteer service or activism as a student.
3. Community Health Project Award
Application will be submitted by a student or team that has organized a community health project. The health project can be targeted toward any demographic. (Example: mental health project for nursing students, toy drive for children, donating to a trusted foundation/organization, etc.)
3 (a.) What is your targeted demographic? (ex: nursing students, elderly, research foundation, etc.)
3 (b.) In 350 words, describe the organizing and goals that were hoped to be achieved before the event. Talk about the project as a whole and how it went when carried out. Conclude with discussing what challenges you were faced with and accomplishments you had.
4. Honorary Nursing Student Advocacy Award
Advocacy is as vital to the role of a nurse as any other aspect of nursing care. Nurses interact with patients and their families more than any other healthcare provider. Nurses serve as the patient best advocate. This award recognizes a nursing student who goes above and beyond advocating for their patient in the clinical setting.

Eligibility Requirements
-Academic Excellence (Minimum GPA of 3.3)

4 (a.) Upload one (1) supporting letter of recommendation from the nominee's professors, peers, or clinical instructor that addresses how the nursing student has gone above and beyond advocating for their patient in the clinical setting.
5. Leader of Leaders Award
The 2019 Leader of Leaders Award is presented to an outstanding Dean or Faculty advisor who demonstrates distinguished support and service to nursing students.
Eligibility Requirements:
-Faculty must be nominated by an NSNA member
-The student will fill out and submit the application on behalf of the nominee
5 (a.) Name of student nominating & school. *
5 (b.) In a 500 word essay, explain how your faculty nominee provides motivation and generates enthusiasm for NSNA involvement and for the nursing profession.
5 (c.) Attach a Curriculum Vitae of Faculty Nominee.
6. MVVP (Most Valuable Vice President) Award
This award recognizes a Vice President who has gone above and beyond for their local chapter. Nominations will be accepted by an organization member who nominates their organization's Vice President.

Eligibility Requirements:
Vice President must be nominated by their SNA School President
The SNA School President will fill out and submit the application on behalf of the nominee

6 (a.) Upload a 250 word essay that describe how the Vice President has helped improve their organization by showing leadership and going above and beyond. The essay should include leadership development activities or training that the Vice President has participated in to develop their leadership skills during their term.
7. Nursing Student of the Year
The Nursing Student of the Year Award is intended for Nursing Students who have demonstrated exemplary leadership qualities.

7 (a.) In 300 words or less, tell us about yourself and why you should be selected for the award.
7 (b.) What sparked your interest in nursing and what attributes do you possess that you feel would enhance your career and the nursing profession as a whole?
7 (c.) Please list any elected offices which you have held while in nursing school.
7 (d.) Please list any committee service you have performed while in nursing school.
7 (e.) Please list all community health services you performed while in nursing school.
7 (f.) Please list all honors and awards you have received pertaining to nursing school.
7 (g.) Upload two (2) letter of recommendations by nursing faculty or the applicant's local SNA officer, which addresses the following attributes of the applicant: dedication, innovation, leadership, and commitment to nursing.
7 (h.) *Optional* Upload (1) letter of character to support your application. It can be from your current local SNA officer, peer, colleague, etc. Please also include the nature of the relationship in the letter of character.
9. Secretary's Award of Excellence
The NSANYS Secretary's Award for Excellence is awarded to a local NSNA secretary who demonstrates the understanding of the roles and responsibilities associated with this position. The recipient writes diligent and detailed minutes that not only contribute to the nursing chapters success as a whole, but also conveys a drive and passion to be apart of the nursing community as well.

Awarded winners will be based upon contribution as secretary, organization, formality, structure, and detail of formal minutes.

8 (a.) Personal statement: In a 750 word essay (maximum), please address: What sparked your interest in serving on your school’s nursing association (SNA) board? What qualities do you possess that you feel have contributed to an excellent secretary? Describe any accomplishments you have made as secretary. What is the most important thing to consider when taking minutes? Have your SNA minutes ever resolved any miscommunication or conflict? If so, please explain. What does taking minutes mean to you? What are three (3) lessons you have learned while serving as your SNA’s Secretary?
8 (b.) Upload one (1) copy of minutes taken at a formal meeting
8 (c.) Upload two (2) letters of recommendation. One from a nursing faculty member (professor, advisor, etc.), and one from a member of your school’s nursing association board.
9. STAT-Creative Expression Award
The NSANYS Creative Expression Award is awarded to a nursing student who positively represents the core of the nursing and healthcare profession along with its challenges. The award recipient provides a portrait of their nursing experience and reflection on their studentship and career.
9 (a.) Choose 1 of the 3 following prompts
9 (b.) Upload a piece of original nursing-related artwork to support your chosen prompt. *The artwork may be a collage, hand-drawn, painted, or digitally drawn.
9 (c.) In a 300-500 word essay, please describe your drawing and how it pertains to the topic you chose.
10. Treasurer for a Difference Award
The Treasurer for a Difference Award is dedicated to a local SNA chapter treasurer that has made a positive impact on their organization. SNA treasurers have the opportunity to help expand the growth of their organization with fundraising, budgeting, and being fiscally responsible.
10 (a.) Personal statement: In a 300 word essay (maximum), please address: “How have you in your role as Treasurer made a positive impact in your organization?”
10 (b.) Upload a letter of recommendation from your SNA's faculty/advisor, addressing: (1) the treasurer's leadership attributes, (2) how the treasurer has exemplified fiscal responsibility, (3) how the treasurer has positively contributed to the organization within their role.
10 (c.) Upload proof of annual budget. If no budget is available, documentation proof of fundraising efforts to build funds.
10 (d.) Upload proof at least one fundraiser you held (photos, documents, social media). This can be the same fundraiser as listed in the below action.
10 (e.) List at least one fundraiser idea to be publicized on our website under our “Fundraisers” section. This can be the same fundraiser as listed in the above action.
11. Breakthrough-to-Nursing (BTN) Award
The BTN Award is awarded to a student that has given back to their community and embodies the principles of breakthrough-to-nursing. NSANYS encourages all students to participate in service projects in their school and in the community.

Principles of BTN:
-Organize, represent, and mentor students preparing for initial licensure as registered nurses, as well as those nurses enrolled in baccalaureate completion programs, in becoming practitioners sensitive to the cultural diversity that exists in our society;
-Promote the development of the skills needed to be responsible, accountable members of the nursing profession who respect the differences and similarities between people;
-Advocate for high quality care, utilizing the principals of transcultural nursing;
-Facilitate the development of peer support systems. Which enhance recruitment and retention within the nursing profession;
-Inspire the future nursing generation through the promotion of continuing education opportunities and evidence based centered care.

11 (a.) In an essay, please answer the following: How many people participated and were in attendance at your event? How did the event connect to the principles of Breakthrough-to-Nursing? How did you promote your event (include flyer)? What made your event memorable? 700 words MAX.
By responding with your full name and submitting your application, you agree to the following: I do hereby give the Nursing Students’ Association of New York State full rights to publish my name, college I am attending, and personal development information disclosed in this application, photographs that I have provided and college update information. I understand that by execution of this agreement, I am relinquishing my rights to any future compensation for reproduction, publication or use of the above information by the Nursing Students’ Association of New York State in its print or electronic correspondence, catalog or on its website. I hereby specifically waive my right to review or approve the modification of the above information. Modifications may be made to accommodate size or content restrictions. Modifications will not be made to “distort” or “falsify” any information provided.I understand that this agreement in no way obligates the Nursing Students’ Association of New York State to publish or use the information described above. *
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