Parish of Basingstoke Down Inclusion Team Survey
Inclusion and accessibility are concepts that can mean different things to different people so we (The Parish of Basingstoke Down Inclusion Team) want to hear from the people that matter, you! Some people may feel excluded because they don't see themselves represented in publicity while other people may not be able to access a church service due to visible or invisible disabilities. Here at St Mark's and Immanuel we aim to be welcoming no matter of characteristics or background. No question is compulsory but the more information you offer the better equipped we will be to ensure we can alter and adapt to ensure everyone who does or could worship with us has the opportunity to encounter God. The survey is anonymous. However if you choose to, you can share your name and contact details at the end if you would like to discuss things further.
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At which church do you currently worship? (Please tick all that apply)
How do you currently worship? (Please tick all that apply)
What sort of things help you feel welcome at church?
There are all sorts of reasons why people may feel excluded or may not be able to access church. Please tell us about any inclusion or accessibility needs that you personally, or people you know, have:
Please could you give details of any particular aspects of church that you, or people you know, are excluded from, due to accessibility or inclusion needs? (E.g. you may feel able to access services but not able to access social events.)
If you, or people you know, want to serve or use your gifts in church, please use this space to give details about whether the church is accessible or inclusive enough for you to do this?
What adjustments or alterations do you think would help to ensure you, or people you know, feel included or able to access all aspects of church?
Would you be willing to be involved in making our church more accessible/inclusive? E.g. doing a small one off job or an ongoing monthly commitment. (Please give details further down if necessary.)
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While the topic of inclusion for some is a subject they can talk about openly, for some it may be a more personal/private matter. The Inclusion Team are exploring the idea of a "Safe Space". This may be a physical space, a person and/or a virtual area where people would be able to express any private or personal thoughts/feelings they have about inclusion that they don't feel able to discuss publicly. What are your thoughts about this idea? (E.g. Will it work? Do you think people would use it? Could you see any drawbacks to this idea?)
Please share any further thoughts you have:
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