Prelisting Consultation - Valuation Sheet
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Information of Homeowners (Please put as Homeowner #1 the person that we need to reach out first when we need to). We still have a Chat group to maintain communication as equal as possible to both homeowners so we all are in the same page along the process.
About Homeowner #1  (Full Name and Cel. Number )
What times are best to contact Homeowner #1?
 About Homeowner #2 (Full Name, email and Celphone Number )
What times are best to contact Homeowner #2?
Mailing Address
Current address of residence
If the property that you are considering selling is different than your current residence, put here the Address of Property to be evaluated or to be for sale:
Clear selection
 Your reason for selling:
In reference to the property:
Clear selection
 Time frame: When would you like to get the property sold?
Clear selection
Please explain the reason to your response
Have you considered the " For Sale by Owner option"? (If yes, why)
Your motivation to sell is (from 1-low to 10-high)
Clear selection
Of your answer was lower than 10, What would need to happen to make it a 10
(Answer if appropriate)
Could you tell me about what things do you like the most of your property?
What do you like least about your property?
Do you know how many square feet is your house? (To confirm what's on the records. Sometimes it's different than what'sregistered at the assesor office)
Number of Bedrooms with closets
Number of Bathrooms
If Attached garage...for how many cars?
Clear selection
Type of house / stories
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What kind of updates have you made to the house:
If you marked one or more of the previous selections, please explain if the changes were full or partial, upscale or midscale, year when it was done and cost
Your assessment of home’s condition
Clear selection
Are you aware of any damage or problem currently in the property or any negatives of the property
Your assessment of home’s value $
How much do you still owe on the ? $
Three things that’s important to you from your real estate agent:
Please share your concerns and/or expectations regarding the sale of the property:
Not concerned
It concerns you a little bit
It concerns you a lot
Qualification of the buyers
Schedule of Showings
Open House
Closing Costs
Market Competiotion
The Marketing that will be implemented
Price of the property
Compensation of Realtor
Safety issues
20. How did you hear about Andrea Jalaff or 3D Global Real Estate Group?
Thank you for reaching out and filling out the Pre-Consultation questionnaire . We'll contact you soon. If you have an other comment or specific questions put those here below.  We look forward to meeting with you!
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