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This is our Smash Social client questionnaire designed with YOU in mind. We feel this gives Smash Social the best introduction to your business, as it allows us to think about how you want your brand image to be perceived online, and how we can help attract your existing customers & target audience. Smash Social understand that you know your customers best, so it would be silly of us not to ask you and get as much information as possible.
What actual services/products does your business offer? Please list them all with any relevant explanations.
If you could only choose ONE, which of these goals is the most important to your business right now?
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Please list your current social media profiles, whether or not we're working on them specifically.
Which of your team members should I be working alongside? Please provide full names, what specific things they can help me with and their contact details.
Name one thing your company can do better than anyone else.
Name 5 passions your brand/company holds dear.
How would you describe your brand's personality?
How would you describe your brand's values?
If your brand was a person, what would they look like? (Clothes, hairstyle, age, gender, etc)
If your brand was a person, what would their hobbies and guilty pleasures be?
Share 5 adjective or words that best describe your company.
 Share 5 adjective or words that best describe your ideal customer.
Describe your current customers as honestly as you can. Are they the kind of people you want to keep attracting?
What are the big problems your customers or clients have when they come to you? How do they feel? What keeps them up at night?
What is the primary message do want to convey to your customers?
Why should your customers want to you now, rather than later? ie.. why are you choosing to look at your social media now?
How are you qualified to do what you're doing?
What are the biggest struggles your company has experienced to date?
What are your brand /company biggest achievements?
Who are your 3 main competitors (direct or indirect)? What do you like about their presence? What do you dislike about their brand identity?
Is there any messaging or aspects of your business that you DON'T want to share online?
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