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What is the Get Lean / Get Healthy 8 Week Challenge?

It is an attainable nutrition and lifestyle program based on changing just one habit at a time. Simple and easy. It's true that this isn't the fastest weight loss approach, but that's generally considered a good thing. Weight loss and healthy living is a lifelong process. There's no hurry!

There are two versions of the program. The Get Lean 8 Week Challenge is the program we've been running since 2013, and the Get Healthy 8 Week Challenge is a new variation that we introduced in 2017. They both have you make the same changes, but the order is different. The Get Lean Challenge will have you jump right into tackling indulgent eating, while the Get Healthy Challenge will get you in the habit of eating more healthily before addressing indulgent eating.

Here's the deal:
1. Fill in this form, including selecting your program (Get Lean or Get Healthy). At the end of the form, you'll be directed to paypal to pay the $20 CAD program fee, and then you'll receive the first program emails within a few hours. Like magic! Note that if you're someone who'd rather start on a specific day of the week, then wait and register and pay on that day (ideally early in the day to ensure your registration goes through that day).

2. Every day you'll receive an email with tips, insights, motivation, or information related to the weekly habit. This is a daily email during the challenge only, not daily forever. After the challenge, we will also add you to our exercise and nutrition monthly newsletter, but we promise the content is great and un-spammy.

3. At the beginning of each week you will receive an email identifying the habit to implement that week. I think you'll be amazed at how much of an impact one habit change a week can have over 8 weeks. Seriously - it's pretty cool!

4. There's also a brief tracking form included with the weekly habit email. I highly recommend you use it, as the research is fairly clear that people who track their progress fare better on weight loss than those who don't. The tracking form for this program is fairly short and painless.

5. We also provide a measurements form so that you can keep tabs on where you started so you can see how well you progress at the four and eight week marks. This is not essential though. A measuring stick is a good thing, but if the idea of doing that makes you uncomfortable, then don't do the measurements.

6. At the end of the 8 weeks, you will give yourself a high-five for doing such a great job. By that time, you'll also have had a few opportunities to think about which of these habits (or variations of) you'll continue to adopt as part of regular healthy living.

Still have questions? Send it to us via our contact form (

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By taking part in this program, we assume you are interested in healthy habits like eating well and exercising. As such, at the end of the program, we'll add you to our exercise and nutrition newsletter. Don't worry though, we don't send stuff often, and it's not spammy.
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Please select whether you wish to participate in the Get Healthy program or the Get Lean program. Both have exactly the same habits, but the Get Lean Challenge starts you off with addressing indulgent eating and then adds healthy habits, while the Get Healthy option has you add healthy habits and then address indulgent eating. If you're not sure which to pick, shoot us an email via the Custom Strength Contact page ( and we'll try to help.
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