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The next challenge starts January 8th, 2018.

What is the Get Lean / Get Healthy 8 Week Challenge? (if you're a repeat challengee, scroll down to skip the text)

It is an attainable and successful nutrition and lifestyle program based on changing just one habit at a time. Simple and easy. It's true that this isn't the fastest weight loss approach. But how did that last rapid weight loss program work out? I hope that didn't sound antagonistic because that isn't my goal. The thing is, weight loss and healthy living is a lifelong process. There's no hurry!

It is also a competition! Throughout the program, you'll submit how well you're doing at adapting the new habits, and we'll post the leaders' scores at the 4 and 8 week mark. But if you're not into competitions, that's okay - you don't have to do that part.

More specifically, it's two programs! The Get Lean 8 Week Challenge is the program we've been running since 2013, and the Get Healthy 8 Week Challenge is a new variation that we introduced in 2017. They both have you make the exact same changes, but the order is different. The Get Lean Challenge will have you jump right into tackling indulgent eating, while the Get Healthy Challenge will get you in the habit of eating more healthily before addressing indulgent eating.

Here's the deal:
1. Fill in this form, including selecting your program (Get Lean or Get Healthy) and commitment level. The habits you'll do over the 8 week program will be more or less difficult depending on what you select. Aim for an honest self-assessment to give the best chance that this will be a positive and successful program for you.

2. There is the small matter of the program fee. I have run this program for free in the past, which has allowed me to tinker with the program to make it better. But now I'd like to earn a few bucks for my time, and so I'm charging a small fee of $10 CAD. That's practically free for pretty much everyone who lives outside Canada. You will be directed to paypal when you submit your form. If you fill in the registration without paying the fee, you will not receive any of the program material.

3. At the beginning of each week, you will receive an email identifying the one habit you will implement that week. I think you'll be amazed at how much of an impact one habit change a week can have over 8 weeks. Seriously - it's pretty cool!

4. Every day you'll receive an email with tips, insights, motivation, or information related to the weekly habit. This is a daily email during the challenge only, not daily forever. After the challenge, we will also add you to our exercise and nutrition monthly newsletter, but we promise the content is great and un-spammy.

5. Every day you'll also submit a (very brief) compliance form. This gives you a little added accountability, knowing someone is watching how you're doing. It also allows us to determine how many points you get - which is necessary for the competition part.

6. You can also take measurements - nothing complicated and we are mindful of your comfort. This is not essential if you're really dead set against it. A measuring stick is a good thing, but if the idea of doing that makes you want to run away from this program, then don't do the measurements.

7. At the end of the 8 weeks, you will give yourself a high-five for doing such a great job. Also, we will review all of the compliance forms and pick champions based on who has accumulated the most points by implementing the new habits consistently. That person gets fame and (no) fortune, bragging rights, and a general extra feeling of awesomeness.

8. We have created a private Facebook group for participants as a means to share ideas and ask/answer questions. It will be set as private so only other participants will see what you post. You will be asked below whether you would like to join - it is not mandatory, but I hope you'll find it a great way to stay motivated.

Still have questions? Post them on the Custom Strength Facebook page ( and we'll answer them there, or add the question to the Additional Comments field at the end of the form.

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Please select whether you wish to participate in the Get Healthy program or the Get Lean program. Both have you do exactly the same habits, but the Get Lean Challenge starts you off with addressing indulgent eating and then adds healthy habits, while the Get Healthy option has you add healthy habits and then address indulgent eating. If you're not sure which to pick, shoot us an email via the Custom Strength Contact page ( and we'll try to help.
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Please select the Habit Change Level that best describes you (in regard to the second half of this program):Please also remember (or note) which you select.
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