Open Seat Pantry Food Pickup Request Form (For 6/2/2020)
This form MUST be filled out by 12PM on Thursday the week before you want to pick up food. All responses will be kept confidential, and are only used within the pantry for tracking use. Pick up will be Tuesdays between 12-1PM outside the Union South Hotel.
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“I understand that food distributed by The Open Seat has been donated from various on and off campus sources and that none of the parties involved in the program make any warranties as to the quality of the food or its value for any particular purposes. I will inspect the food I wish to take from the pantry to determine if it is fit for consumption and I voluntarily accept the food “as is.” By my signature below, I release any liability or harm (including injury or death) or losses in connection with the food or supplies I have received. I assume any risks and covenant not to sue the released parties with respect to such harm or losses.” *
“I understand the Open Seat operates on limited funds and in support of others. I will only request and take the items I reasonably expect myself and/or my family to use. I also will not sell or offer for sale food obtained from The Open Seat.” *
I understand that I must fill out this form by Thursday at noon the week before I want to pick up my order. *
I understand that I must pick up the food I ordered on the following Tuesday between 12-1PM. *
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