Ealing 'End of Year Do' Campaigner Awards 2016
Fill in this form to nominate the campaigners and councillors who you want to win an award at the Ealing Lib Dems 'End of Year Do' on 8th December. It's a chance to show your appreciation for someone who has made an impact in our local party.

There is no strict criteria for the awards and the person with the most nominations wins. In the event of a tie, the award will be shared.

There will be additional awards added by the event organisers to recognise members who have made a contribution in other ways.

You can nominate someone in just one category, or as many categories as you like.

Nominations can include members or volunteers outside Ealing Borough who help our local party.

If you have any questions contact Calum Roscow (calum@ealinglibdems.org.uk)

The deadline for voting is midnight on Monday December 5th 2016.

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