2020 Youth Policy Committee Registration
The Youth Policy Committee is a national convening group that brings together youth organisations and young individuals to understand, comment and participate in sustainable development related policy and public participation processes. Through this committee, we build networks with other young people and youth organisations in South Africa and around the world.

The YPC is at a new point of growth and is reaching more interested student and learner clubs, youth organisations, young activists and researchers across South Africa, to offer age appropriate capacity building that develops policy participation and negotiations skills.

There are several activities that the different working groups in the YPC are expected to undertake. This includes:
• Policy Input and Participation
• Site Visits and Fact-Finding Research
• Stakeholder Meetings/Forums
• Media and Social Media Engagement
• Awareness Raising and Implementation of Work

Kindly complete this form if you would like to be a member of the Youth Policy Committee. The YPC is a network housed in the Youth Programmes at the South African Institute of International Affairs (Youth@SAIIA), but is open to all young people and organisations and educators working with young people 14-25 years. Please note that high school participants will be invited to join the YPC High School network. For more questions please contact youth@saiia.org.za.
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