Monash UAS 2020 Application Form
Monash UAS is a student team that competes in the biennial UAV Challenge - Medical Rescue; an international autonomous search and rescue competition. We are looking for enthusiastic and driven people to expand our team's capabilities for the future. We work in areas such as:
- Autonomous navigation and avoidance
- Composites manufacturing
- Aerial image recognition
- Aerospace and mechanical design
- Telecommunications engineering
- Custom PCB design

The recruitment timeline is as follows:
- Applications open Monday 9 September - Friday 27 September (10 pm)
- Round 1 interview invitations Sunday 29 September
- Round 1 interviews Tuesday 1 October
- Round 2 interview invitations Saturday 12 October
- Round 2 interviews Monday 28 October
- Final results released Tuesday 29 October

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the application process, please contact us at

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Create an engineering solution to the following problem. Imagine that you are required to design a system that can fly a robot at long range to a remote site. This robot must be able to safely enter a metal shed to provide a live video stream of the injured person inside. Keep in mind that the solution must be both safe and reliable. What complete system (aircraft + robot) would you propose and why?
This question is not mandatory for those applying for only Public Relations
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