testphase - do not fill in yet! - Research Questionnaire
Should you have happened to end up here via Google or something - I'm almost done!
Please send me an email via post [@] annetstruik.nl and I'll let you know when it's done. thanks!

TEST with BM etc.

Thank you for your openness and willingness to help me out with my research around 'the embodied changemaker'. I am especially looking for answers from:


Tantric(a)'s, Conscious Dancers & other people who do Embodiment Practices.


Social Entrepreneurs + Intrapreneurs & professionals active in the Purpose Economy

who would rather fill in a questionnaire than do a live interview (Changed your mind? Book your interview via this page: http://bit.ly/TEC-research1 )


The goal of this survey is to get to know you (as mentioned above) more, the people that I love the most and think I can bring the most To discover what is most important to you. What your challenges and ambitions are. To check the assumptions that I made based on my own experiences and what I see around me.

Because my Mission with The Embodied Changemaker is...


This survey has a slightly different flavor than the live interview because in a live conversation it is possible to ask further and go deeper. And both is really welcome.

Fyi: I am also planning expert interviews and making an expert survey in which I go more into depth about the content, the theory, the science , the practices and their life & biz experience related to the theme 'embodied changemaker' .

If you first want to read a bit more, you can check the page-in-progress here: http://www.annetstruik.nl/embodied-changemaker/


As a THANK YOU each one of you will get a beautiful pdf afterwards with the new and improved summary of the embodied changemaker framework, including a few practical tips and tools. You know me: (and if you didn't, now you will get to know me a bit better) I want things to be able to applied and used. I don't believe in inspiration without action. AND out of every 15 people who fill in the questionnaire I will randomly pick a name for a coaching session of 45 minutes.

P.S. If you'd rather email me, you can reach me via post {at] annetstruik [dot] nl

P.P.S. I will never ever sell, trade or give away your data or answers. What you answer is strictly for 'my eyes only'. I will share the highlights / summary of my research but without names and nothing will be traceable to you.
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I identify myself with being a *
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The change I want to see in my/the world is.... *
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And I contribute to that by..... *
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The more 'external' challenges I face at the moment related to that are... *
Think of 'things' like: ....
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The more 'internal' challenges I face related to that are... *
Think of 'things' like: feeling inadequate, thinking too much before coming into action, etc.
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What I would love to achieve in the next 5 years is..... *
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That is important to me because.... *
How would that make you feel? (more internal) and more external: What differences would you see in your (daily) life and in the lives of others?
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The biggest (external & internal) challenges I see on my road to making this ambition a reality are... *
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The biggest assets (broadest sense of the word) & qualities that I have and will use on my road to making this ambition a reality are... *
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Can I contact you if I have a question about your answers? *
Would you like me to keep you posted about useful discoveries, tips, tools, workshops etc? *
If you have any further questions, comments, requests, tips, contacts etc. let me know! And THANK YOU AGAIN!
P.S. You will receive the beautiful pdf I promised you later this year, after I have conducted all the interviews (also with experts). If you have a burning question you'd like to have answered soon: let me know below or send me an email (post [at] annetstruik [dot] nl). Or if you'r like to be part of a pilot training or know a place where I can give a pilot talk: I'd love to know as well!
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