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Every student/faculty/staff member is required by Transylvania Policy to register his/her bicycle in order to park it on campus. Bicycle permits are free. With a registered bicycle, students/faculty/staff can report a stolen or lost bike to DPS. DPS will maintain a record of all permitted bicycles; in the event a bike is stolen, the necessary information in recovering the bicycle will be on file.

Bicycles found parked on campus without a permit will be issued a courtesy notice directing the owner to register the bicycle. After two weeks, bicycles still not registered will be impounded. Impounded bicycles will be released to the owner as soon as he/she submits a completed registration form. Bicycles that appear abandoned or that are improperly parked may also be impounded after a courtesy notice is issued. (See bicycle parking and permit policy for full details.) Bicycles to claimed from impound within 3 months will be considered abandoned and integrated into the Transylvania University Bike Program.

Please fill out the following information concerning your bicycle to apply for a permit:
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After submitting this registration form, the bicycle will be assigned a registration number. This number will appear on the bicycle permit, which can be picked up at the DPS office. Affix the permit to the bicycle's seat tube. (Refer to the arrow with * in the diagram above.)
By submitting this form, I acknowledge that I understand the Transylvania Bicycle Permit and Parking Policy stated above, and I agree to adhere to that policy.
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