PC READS Books & Resources - Families
We invite you to select a few books (there is no cost to you!) that you'd find helpful to your family. Please choose up to 3 books from the list below and we will deliver them to you within a few weeks.  

To help you choose, we have placed books into groupings below. Full descriptions of these books are available on amazon.com - and please remember to choose Park City READS as your Amazon Smiles beneficiary when shopping on your own!

PC READS' projects are supported through individual donations and grants. We are particularly grateful for grants from the Park City Community Foundation, the Bessie Minor Swift Foundation and the Sorenson Legacy Foundation to support this project.

Donations to PC READS are accepted at www.parkcityreads.org and through our two annual fundraisers: Live PC, Give PC (November 2021) and Gin & Phonics (May 2022).

If you like our work - please spread the word! Thank you!
- Elissa Aten, Executive Director
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Books for Children: Great books to read with your children so that they can better understand their learning difference. (Titles with the * are particularly good for grades K-3.)
Books for Children/Teens: Books your children may enjoy reading on their own or with you, including graphic novels and characters who are dyslexic.
Books with Inspirational Stories: These are books with success stories that parents (or parents & students together) may enjoy reading. (A few titles are also included in other categories.)
Books for Parents: Books that will provide you guidance as you support your child's reading & learning development, including a few books about executive functioning skills.
Books for Parents: Books for parents who "geek out" over understanding how people learn to read.
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