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πŸ’œ I have been drawing commissions live on a streaming & shopping app called Popshop Live! Every Wednesday I will put up my commission options, and if anyone is interested in getting a commission, they can just shop directly via the app, and watch me work on their request while we hang out. You can join & follow me here (use code SKETCH to sign up!)

πŸ’œ Another cool thing about Popshop Live is that they do a flat shipping rate of $5.99 per show (per day) and you can add other items to your order and it all ships under that first flat fee! (US buyers) So you can always request other things from my store to purchase during the show, and it'll all ship together.

⚑ If you're gonna get your commission on Popshop Live directly, there's no need to fill out this form! But if you'd like to know what options are available before you tune into a commission show, keep reading!

πŸ’œ If you aren't too sure about shopping via PSL yet, you can always request a commission via this form & paying via Paypal, and I'll add it to my list of commissions to draw on the show! You can come and watch as well! I'm doing the same $5.99 shipping cost to make it fair for those who shop during the show.

πŸ’œ At the moment I'm only doing MARKER COMMISSIONS. I have different sizes and options available.

πŸ’œ I would love to draw your favorite characters, your original characters, PokΓ©mon, Anime, Animal Crossing characters! Cute is what I do best. No NSFW, no bad stuff, I do kawaii.
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What options for commissions are available?
I offer three types of commissions with different size options:

Sizes available: 4"x4", 6"x6"
These are quick, full color/color blocked sketches. I can fit one character per sketch, perhaps with a companion animal.

Sizes available: 4.5"x5.25", 6"x8"
Shikishi boards are Japanese signature boards with a thick backing & gold border.
The 4.5"x5.25" board is good for full color sketches, the 6"x8" is for color blocked sketches. This is due to the characteristics of the paper.

Sizes available: 6"x8", 9"x12", 11"x14"
For these premium commissions, I will first sketch your request on digital, then transfer it to the paper in order to work on your request. You can request up to two characters on these options, and also full body characters.
Bristol Sketch Samples
Shikishi Board Samples
Strathmore Mixed Media Samples
What type of commission would you like? *
What would you like to get drawn? Add links if necessary! *
That's it!
Send your payment + $5.99 US shipping via Paypal to! (if it ships to outside the US, I'll send you an e-mail with the shipping costs separately). Once I receive the payment, I'll add you to my queue for the next show!

I will draw your request on the next Wednesday Commission & Sketch Popshop Live show! (I'll try to be on IG Live as well for those who don't have PSL) Find me as shourimajo on both!

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