Flourish Mentor Application
The mission of Flourish: To cultivate intentional relationships between women for the purpose of spiritual growth and participation in the mission of Jesus.
First Name
Last Name
Cell Phone
What is the best time to reach you?
What do you prefer?
Address - street, city & zip
What is your marital status?
If married, how many years?
What is your occupation? (If a student, list your major.)
Do you have children? If yes, please list their ages.
How long have you attended New Covenant?
If you have attended another church in the past five years, what church and how long did you attend?
What area(s) are you currently serving in at New Covenant?
What other areas have you served in at New Covenant?
1. Describe how and when you began to follow Jesus.
2. How do you pursue time with Jesus? Prayer? Studying the Word?
3. List things you are passionate about (hobbies, pass times, interests, etc.)
4. What does a mentoring relationship look like to you?
5. Have you mentored someone before? If yes, for how long?
6. What excites you about investing in the lives of other women?
7. Why do you feel you would be a good mentor?
8. If you become a mentor, how many mentees do you feel capable to mentor at one given time?
Clear selection
9. What stage(s) of life do you feel you could serve best? (e.g. single, married, moms, career women, etc.)
10. How much time do you have to devote to mentoring?
11. If married, is your husband supportive of this commitment to mentor? If not married, are you currently in a relationship? If so, are they supportive?
12. Is there anything in your life that might hinder you from being an effective mentor (time, career, travel, family concerns, etc.)? If yes, what?
13. If I were to mention your name to a group of your friends, what would they say you were really interested in or passionate about?
14. What conversation would keep you talking late into the night?
15. If you know your spiritual gifts, please list them.
REFERENCE: Please provide the name and contact information of a NC staff member or volunteer we may contact for a reference. (name, email, phone)
Thank you for submitting an application! We will contact you soon for a follow up conversation.
Completion of this application does not guarantee participation in the Flourish Mentor Program. We may feel that your talents and abilities would better serve in a different role or as part of another team. We are grateful for your willingness to serve God and are excited to see how He will use you in the near future.
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