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Grading Rubric:
This is a take-home test. Because this lesson is flipped, I can help you during class.

There will be 100 points total for this assignment, in the Test category.

Which of the following was your Guiding Question for this annotated bibliography? (1 point)
Based on your research, which is the safest country in which to travel, in the above part of the world? (2 points)
Based on your research, which is one UNSAFE country to travel to, in the above part of the world? (2 points)
How many entries / sources do you have in your annotated bibliography? (5 points for each, 25 total points.)
Are the entries in your annotated bibliography alphabetized by Author's Last Name? (5 points)
Do you have two sentences (the annotation part) under each source explaining how it helped answer your guiding question? (10 points each - deducting points for grammar errors, 50 total points.)
Did you name the file with your last name in the file name? (5 points)
Did you fill in the chart for question 1, and answer question 2 on the downloaded file? (10 points)
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