Retail Keg Sales Request
We are offering one-way 20 Liter (5.29 US Gallons) kegs for your home kegerator.

We do not have keep an inventory of kegs and fill them on demand.

We do not have any half barrel (15.5 US Gallons) or keg tapping equipment

The information collected is for communication regarding the keg sale and will not be used for any other purposes
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This is a keg request form. Please allow up to 2 business days for us to send an order confirmation. To ensure that you have the freshest beer possible, the keg will be filled after purchase. The keg will be available for pickup as early as the next weekday. IE, if you purchase a keg on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it will be available for pickup on the next weekday, Monday. If you purchase a keg on Monday, it will be available for pickup on Tuesday, etc. If you still have questions, please send an email to contact (at) *
I'm requesting this keg because I want it in the next week. If I don't complete the order after 5 calendar days, the request & order will be cancelled *
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