Fall 2019 "KNOW" Classes
The Bridge Church exists to make much of Jesus by making disciples who know, live, and advance the gospel. For eight weeks this fall (starting Oct. 6), we will be building up our knowledge of the Gospel on Sunday mornings by offering age-appropriate courses from kids through adults. Please indicate name of each person who will be in a class so we have an accurate number for each class.
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Adult Classes
Prayer: Promises, Principles and Practice -- taught by Dan Gardinier
If God loves us so much and knows everything we need before we ask, why must we pray? If God is the all-wise and almighty Sovereign who will fulfill His purposes for His glory, why do we need to pray? Why do we pray? Yet we find that prayer is as indispensable to the life of our soul as breath is to our body. How, then, should we pray? In this eight week short course on prayer we will consider the promises, principles and practices of prayer.

Bible 101 -- taught by Rodrigo Ribeiro & Vijay Johnwesley
The Bible is at the heart of who we are and everything we do at the Bridge. How do we study it then and how does it all fit together? How does it apply to our lives? In this course we will look at the Bible as a whole to see the story that God has written throughout history and see how we are a part of that same story and begin to understand, study, enjoy, and ultimately, see God and his character in the Bible.

Discipleship 101 - taught by James Hoxworth & Nate Ullrich.
We talk a lot at The Bridge about making disciples, but HOW do we do that? This course will walk through the essential basics of discipleship, and how to make more disciples. We will use The Master Plan of Evangelism as our text to help us discover the way Jesus went about making disciples and how we can imitate his process with people.
Book: The Master Plan of Evangelism- available in the Bridge Book Nook for $5.
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