NRC Church Discovery Groups
Registration Form - Season 3 - 21st July - 6th December
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This seasons topics:
• How to get spiritual sight (Jn 9:1-6)
• How to trust (Jn 10: 1-10)
• Lazarus – Why does God allow tragedies (Jn 11:17-26)
• A look at the heart of Jesus (Jn 12:23-26)
• Why do we do what we do? (Jn 12:27-36)
• The true picture of a servant (Jn 13:2 – 10)
• When the world Hates You (Jn 15:18-27)
• Depending on God’s Spirit Everyday (Jn 16:7-15)
• The Cross (Jn 19: 28-35)
• The Resurrected Purpose (Jn 21: 6-14)
Groups run fortnightly from 21st July to 6th December. Please select the group you will join. In case your preferred group is full please let us know a second preference
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Sun 6.00 pm in North Ryde (George & Jean)
Sunday 6.00 pm in North Ryde (Brodie & Sarah)
Mon 7.30 pm in Marsfield (Debbie & Joshua)
Mon 7.30 pm in Olympic Park (Steve & Kristen)
Tues 7.30 pm at North Ryde Hall (Janneke & Paul)
Thur 7.30 pm in Epping (Dipti & George)
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