Survey for Alaska Drought Discussion

In 2019, parts of Alaska experienced extreme drought. Though wet weather has returned, there is a need to better understand drought and its impacts in all of Alaska to better prepare for future dry conditions. On the heels of a successful workshop in Juneau (see recordings and materials here), focused on drought in Southeast Alaska, we are planning one or two drought workshop(s) focused on mainland Alaska. The goal of the workshop(s) is to have participants get a better sense of drought, impacts of drought and interconnections in Alaska to help refine drought thresholds. Also at the workshop(s) information and resources will be shared to raise awareness about drought and lead to changes in response to dry conditions.

So that this workshop(s) serves Alaska, we would like to hear from you. Please take this survey to help us with meeting logistics and gather some information from you about drought in Alaska. Your time providing us information is appreciated. A summary of survey responses will be sent out to all whom respond with an email address.

There are 19 questions and the majority are only checking a box that applies and five are fill in the blank.


Alaska Drought Planning Committee: University of Alaska-Fairbanks, Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy, National Integrated Drought Information System, National Weather Service, Western Regional Climate Center, University of Nevada-Reno, Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center, Inupiat Community of the Arctic Slope, USDA Northwest Climate Hub
Please tell us your name, organization and email.
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With which sector(s) do you primarily work? Check all that apply.
Recognizing that travel is expensive and resources are limited, would you be able to travel to an in-person meeting in Alaska?
Rank potential locations for an in-person meeting (Best, Ok, Not suitable for me, multiple locations can be same category if they are all suitable for an individual):
Not suitable for me
If, another location is ideal for an in-person meeting other than Anchorage and Fairbanks, note it here.
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A virtual meeting option will be available (via webinar), which best suits your plans?
Is there a preferred time of year in 2020 to conduct an in-person meeting?
Not available
Is there an existing meeting we could propose a session or dovetail with?
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Do you prefer one workshop or two workshops broken out by NWS service area (see image below Anchorage-blue & Fairbanks-red)? NWS-Juneau had a workshop in May 2018.
National Weather Service areas
Which is your preference if only one workshop is offered:
Which is your preference if two workshops are offered, one in each NWS region (Anchorage & Fairbanks regions):
What is your role with regard to making drought-related management decisions? Please check one.
For what types of decisions is drought monitoring information important to you?
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In your region and/or related to your expertise, which metrics do you think are relevant to drought within Alaska?
Not familiar with
Not important
Somewhat important
Very important
Standard precipitation index
Snow water equivalent
Snow depth
Soil moisture
Shallow groundwater
Stream flow
Reservoir levels
Relative humidity
Which tools and sources of information do you consult with when looking to monitor current drought conditions?
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What drought impacts have you observed with past droughts and/or dry periods? (multiple clicks possible)
Do you have data relevant to drought that you are willing to share?
If you do have data that you are willing to share, please describe it.
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What are the limitations to sharing? (multiple clicks possible)
Other general feedback or information that you’d like to share.
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