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As the parent of guardian of this student I understand that Calhan School District RJ-1 websites are designed for educational purposes. The goal of this service is to provide the school community with access to district information via the web and to promote resource sharing, collaboration, innovation, and communication. Pictures and postings are to honor our students, but I also understand that information, projects and pictures on the Calhan School District websites maybe viewed by a wider community. I further understand that any viewer has the capability to copy the projects and pictures. To my knowledge, the projects and pictures on the District websites will adhere to the guidelines provided in the above policy related to the use of the web. These include ethical and legal use of the documents.
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I Hereby Give Permission To Allow A District Staff Member To Share My Child's Web-Based Projects At Conferences, Workshops, Or Other Educational Functions. *
I Hereby Give Permission To Allow Publication Of My Child's First Name And Last Initial With The Picture Or Project. At No Time Will The Child's Entire Name Ever Be Used. *
I Hereby Give Permission To Allow My Child To Be Interviewed, Photographed, Or Filmed For Public Distribution By District Personnel. *
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