Furry Fiesta 2020 Panel Submission
2020 Panel and Event Submission Form
Panels and events at Furry Fiesta is an excellent way to gather people of similar interests, educate the community, share your experiences, show off your hard work and make new friends!

Please read everything thoroughly and fill out this form for each event that you wish to present.
If you need the same event on multiple days you will need to submit the form individually for each day separately.

Musical Acts:
For DJ submissions please contact dance@furryfiesta.org
Musicians not through VIP liaison, please email a demo to schedule@furryfiesta.org

Main Panel submission deadline is 1/12/2020.
Last minute submissions from 1/13/2020 to 2/9/2020 will only be accepted by email if space is available.

Thank you for providing panel content for Furry Fiesta, we greatly appreciate your time.
If you have any questions please contact us and will gladly assist.

~Glass Ferret
Schedule Exec

Email: schedule@furryfiesta.org
Telegram: @TheGlassFerret
Twitter: @TheGlassFerret
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Is this your first time running an event for Furry Fiesta?
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Additionally acknowledge that TFF uses low quality cameras for security and measure attendance. This is for internal use only and will not be used for any other purpose. Rules of conduct can be found at https://2020.furryfiesta.org/attend/rules/
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