Homeowner Survey
Completion of this survey indicates your interest in opening the interior of the home for the Hometown Holidays Candlelight Tour.
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What’s the story of your house? (example: famous previous occupants, interesting folklore, etc..) *
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Are you able to commit to any of the next five years for tour participation? Please indicate every year that you are available. *
Would you prefer to decorate your home yourself or would you like a decorating team? *
In recent years, we’ve held a decorating competition to raise money for local charities. Would you be open to participating in that way? *
How many docents do you feel are needed at your property? (We suggest 2) *
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Are you able to serve as a docent? *
Would you prefer a 1:00 - 5:00 tour (when candlelight will not be effective) or a 5:00 – 9:00 tour to maximize the candlelight? *
Do you have room for live performers (reenactors, musicians)? *
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