eCommunity Ontario Proposal
eCommunity Ontario is an online platform designed for Ontario educators to communicate, collaborate, curate, and create with other educators. It is part of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that is available to educators and students in K-12 Ontario classrooms.

Moderators and participants in eCommunity Ontario can:

- Share their ideas, practices, and experiences
- Seek their colleagues’ input on how to complement their practice with new and innovative technologies
- Discuss effective practices
- Participate in professional learning sessions and initiatives
- Access white papers, research, and professional learning support materials
- Store files and share them with other community participants
- Access web links specific to learning initiatives in Ontario and other jurisdictions

All Ontario educators are invited to create an eCommunity whenever group learning is taking place. Moderators may invite participants individually or use self-registration.
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Date of Submission: *
First and last name of person requesting space on eCommunity Ontario. *
This person will be assigned as the lead moderator of the community and will be responsibility for the content and maintenance of the eCommunity.
Board/organization of person requesting space on eCommunity Ontario. *
Please avoid the use of acronyms and  provide the full name of board/organization.
Email of person requesting space on eCommunity Ontario. *
Who is the intended target audience which will use this collaborative learning space? *
What is the proposed name of your requested eCommunity? *
(This proposed title can be changed at a later date as required)
Briefly describe the intended purpose and use of the requested professional learning space. *
(e.g. to host an online conference on Assistive Technologies and how to use them in the classroom. Included will be a Discussion hosted by expert Jane Doe, and file sharing  area)
Start date of proposed eCommunity: *
End date of proposed eCommunity:
Will participation in the proposed eCommunity be open to any Ontario educator of a provincially funded board/School Authority/Provincial Demonstration School? *
If a restriction applies, please explain in "OTHER".
Will users of the community self-enroll or will they invited by the eCommunity moderator? *
What tools would you like to use in the proposed eCommunity? *
Please choose tools that you would like included in your proposed eCommunity. If there is functionality you would like beyond what is listed, please describe it in "OTHER".
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