Riley's Intern/Freelancer form 2019
Pls fill this out then shoot me a DM on Instagram or Facebook to let me know you've applied!
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Amazon Agency – Check all you're interested in helping with
LivinThatLife LLC – Check all you're interested in helping with
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Describe your experience in the above – with links to examples / portfolios / profiles & evidence where it makes sense.
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Tell me a bit about your story and situation... how you got to this point... how you found this application...what you're working on now... are you location independent? and your goals/dreams/visions for life and biz.
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This is not a high paying thing. What do you hope to get out of this / why are you applying?
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Anything else you're interested in helping with or wanna say.
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PS If you haven't let me know you've applied yet, message me on IG or FB to let me know so I can check this - or
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