Demo Application: Build412 Tech Demo Showcase 2019
Please complete the questions below to submit your innovation/product for finalist consideration at the Build412 Tech Demo Showcase Event, August 8th 2019.
All project/product stages will be considered (prototype, product, startup, etc).
Event Website -

This event will give SIX of the best and brightest innovators four minutes each to present their game-changing, ground-breaking, mind-bending technology projects. This is not a business pitch - this is a product 'show-and-tell'.

Applications for presenters will be received until 11:59pm Mon July 29th.
We will review the submissions and reply with your results by Wed, July 31st.
Give Your Twitter Pitch! 280 characters to share your pitch 😃 *
Please describe the innovation/product that you want to demo at our showcase? *
Tell us a little about yourself and/or your team. *
What is the origin story for this innovation? *
What would you share with our audience if you had the stage for 4 minutes? *
Do you have a website or video that we can watch? *
How can we contact you? *
If selected, are you available on Thurs, Aug 8 to deliver your presentation and live demo in person at the event? *
Please indicate here if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding your demo/presentation at our event.
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