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IMPORTANT note about the COVID-19 pandemic: We are immensely grateful for all offers to volunteer. However, at this time our priority must be safety and health. Therefore we are limiting the number of people (staff, volunteers, community members) at the Richmond Food Bank at any given time, to reduce risk and allow for proper physical distancing. We are not currently scheduling groups of volunteers and will contact you at a future date. Thank you for your understanding.

You can still use the regular volunteer application form to apply as an individual volunteer.

If you have traveled outside BC in the past 14 days, please self-isolate. If you are sick (even if you are certain it is not COVID-19), please stay home for at least 10 days. If you have members of your household who are sick, have compromised health, or are more vulnerable, please do not volunteer, and instead practice social distancing or self-isolate, depending on advice from government and health authorities. For more information, please visit:

You can also support us by donating online through our website http://richmondfoodbank.org/donate/. With donations of funds, we can purchase most-needed foods and resources as needs arise.

Please fill out this form and our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you about available group volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer tasks will depend on the date and time your group is available. Tasks can include sorting donations, washing/cleaning bins, checking best-before dates, restocking shelves, repacking bulk items, and cleaning/organizing tasks.

Because volunteer work takes place in a warehouse, we require all volunteers to wear closed-toe shoes (no sandals or high heels) and strongly recommend that volunteers wear clothing appropriate for this work environment.

Donations are highly appreciated! If you plan to bring a donation when you volunteer, please check out our most needed items listed on our website. For every dollar donated, we can give out about $6 worth of food to those who need it: http://richmondfoodbank.org/2018/04/06/most-needed-items/
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