2020 Flower Essence Practitioner Program
Come join me on a 4 month deep dive into the art and magic of flower essences. Rooted in a background of spiritual herbalism and energy work, discover a potent ally to assist you on this joyful spiritual journey, in the form of flower and tree essences. Essences are liquid energetic preparations derived from the living flowers and trees, each containing their own unique vibration. They help support and transform the emotional body by addressing our subconscious imprints, usually from childhood but many times still in charge of our adult life; allowing for release from old patterns and bringing clearer thinking and lowered anxieties. Releasing these learned beliefs and patterns can open our Spirit back up to divine love, choice, possibility and motivated creation. Embracing and embodying your entire emotional body, including all the scary dark unwanted unloved parts, is where you can again learn to be in Unity.
*This course runs from May 14 - September 24
Learn more here: https://barefootsoul.org/flower-essence-practitioner-program/
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