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Hello, darling woman! So, you wanna sleepover my house? If you're applying for this I know you are so ready for a unique, immersive experience that is going to up level you in so many ways. I know that you've been doing the work and want to try on my high level embodied, sensual living in your own nervous system so you can create your own back home. You want to feel all the way Alive and 1:1 girlfriend time would be so nourishing for your soul.

I am seeking to invite soul level clients into my home for the very first time. That means most likely you have been on my retreats, worked with me as a coaching client or been in one of my memberships. This is not quite right for women at the very start of their self care journeys, but it IS here to meet all of your blocks (especially if you find yourself triggered by me!)

I've got 3 spots open for fall 2022. August is already taken, so I have September, October and November. One per month as these take a lot of my energy and I want to give you my best!

Please fill out the below application, and if I feel we're a perfect fit, I will be in touch for you to claim your sleepover spot within 48 hours. Thank you for taking the time to fill this out. xx Lyss
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What's your main reasoning for wanting to have this 1:1 experience with Alyssa? What do you hope to get out of this experience? *
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The cost of this 3 day private retreat includes all meals and activities, except lunch, and is $2,200 with an optional payment plan. Flights and transportation not included, but I will of course drive us to our planned activities. *
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