With the new Kill Team rules coming out it’s the perfect time to start up a league! Kill team is great because it appeals to new and established players, and this new version looks amazing! We will start taking player sign up’s this week (August 16). Who’s in?

BEGINS: Thursday, August 23rd
ENDS: Thursday, Nov 15th

NOTE: When scheduling your games, please keep in mind Wednesday after 6pm we won't have any spare tables available for schedule games.

LEAGUE FEE: $10.00

MATCHES: Each week our participants will be assigned a match-opponent. It’s up to our players to schedule their games with one another. Games must be played at either The Game Shoppe Bellevue or Omaha. Players will have two weeks to get each match in, either the designated week, or the one after, and if players wish they can play early (provided their other games are done).

MATCH REPORTING: Reporting will be done via a Google form. You may either do this at The Game Shoppe or from your personal device. Only one form is required per match, designate one person who will be submitting the results of the match, it is your responsibility to report your match results. Late reporting will not be accepted.

EXAMPLE: You played your week 1 assigned match on August 25th, you must report your results no later than September 5th.

INITIAL ROSTER SIZE: 20 characters (house rule)


In addition, players may play one additional pick up match against any other player once per week.

In Kill-Team your team advances with each game, so your games played will help you build-up your teams.

League Scoring: Players get 3 points for winning their scheduled match, and 1 points for winning a pick-up match. At the end of the league the top 8 players will make the playoff bracket, where we will come up to a Kill Team Champion.

Prizes: We will have prizes for our top players at the end.

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