What Does Hubbard Hall Mean To You?
Hubbard Hall is planning its 2017-2018 season. We need to understand what is most important to you about Hubbard Hall.

We believe that the arts in our lives are more important than ever and that we are enriched by having an arts center in Cambridge. We know that Hubbard Hall means many things to different people. We are an arts incubator, a training ground for artists of all ages and backgrounds, a magnet for artistic activity, a safe haven for risk taking, an economic driver for our region, and the beating heart of our community. Over the past three years, under the leadership of Executive & Artistic Director David Snider, we have solidified the organization's infrastructure, forged new relationships, and increased our reach to students throughout the region to give them the opportunity to learn and grow through the arts.

Thank you for completing this survey to help us understand what Hubbard Hall means to you. We are dedicated to cultivating, sustaining and promoting the cultural life of our rural community.

Board of Directors
Hubbard Hall Center for the Arts and Education

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