Latin America and Caribbean Advanced Training on Ocean Acidification Application Form
Please complete this form in its entirety to apply for a position at the Advanced Training, to be held at INVEMAR in Santa Marta, Colombia, from the 28th of January to the 1st of February, 2019. All applicants must be based at an institution in an OECD-reviewing nation in the Latin America and Caribbean region. A maximum of one application per institution will be awarded. Applications can list up to two scientists. For a list of OECD-receiving nations please refer here:
Name of scientist(s) applying
Position and title of scientist(s) applying
Institution Name
E-mail address
Type of Institution
What is your native language?
What is your level of comfort with the English language?
Please describe your institution's interest in building or strengthening ocean acidification monitoring (250 work maximum)
Please indicate whether you have access to the following equipment. Note that access to this equipment is not a requirement for attendance, but will help trainers assess what to focus on.
Please describe any previous experience with measurements of ocean acidification by the applicant(s). If you have attended a training before, please provide the name of the training, its organizers, and a brief description.
Please upload your proposal narrative, which must include: a statement of need for ocean acidification monitoring training and infrastructure; a preliminary research plan for use of the ocean acidification monitoring equipment; a description of the applying scientists' experience and interest in this field; and a description of institutional resources available to support this project, including, but not limited to, physical facilities, human infrastructure, boats and moorings, and partnerships
Please upload a letter of support from your institution indicating that if the institution is selected to receive the training and equipment it will support the scientists' use of their time to collect ocean chemistry data and the maintenance of this equipment
Please upload the CVs of the applying scientist(s)
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