Real eState of Mindset & Confidence Assessment 

Welcome to the Mindset and Confidence Assessment.

This is the first step in becoming the most MAGNETIC and CONFIDENT real estate entrepreneur you were born to be. In this Lesson, you will reflect on 30 affirmations and check off which make you feel the most confident. 

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Hello there #bosslady!

Welcome to The Empowered Real Estate Woman Mindset & Confidence Assessment and Tracker.

This is where you focus in on the beliefs that are holding you back from success, and get clear on where you need more confidence and clarity in your real estate business.

Overall, your business should make you feel confident, successful and joyful. And to see continued success, it's important to ensure your beliefs support the outcomes you want to see.

Feeling overwhelmed or like an imposter can negatively impact your progress, productivity and achievements. It can be the difference between attracting your ideal clients and meeting your revenue goals, or feeling like you are constantly working and on a treadmill going no where.

Set aside a few minutes to take the following assessment. Read through the 30 affirmations and check off the ones that make you immediately think "Heck, Yes." 

Following the assessment, tally your score then use the journal prompts to reflect on what you discovered.

Finally, spend a few days tracking your thoughts as you go about your real estate business. What comes up for you? What negative beliefs pop into your head that are holding you back from success?

Are you ready?

Let's play ....

Mindset & Confidence Assessment
I have a clear vision for my real estate business that feels right and aligned for me.
Clear selection
I feel qualified as an expert in my business.
I don't worry about getting everything perfect. I embrace messy action.
I lead with serving my clients/customers instead of focusing on money.
I do not feel overwhelmed in my real estate business. My business doesn't stress me out.
I show up visibly in my real estate business consistently and confidently.
I earn the amount of money I desire in my real estate business
I am comfortable getting uncomfortable trying new things in my business.
I don't get wrapped up in comparing myself and success to others.
I stay focused on my vision and avoid shiny object syndrome.
I consistently promote my services knowing they will help others.

I have systems in place to create ease in my business. 
I show up consistently and confidently on my social media to promote my business.
I don't over extend myself. I know my boundaries and balance.
I only focus on doing things I love in my business.
I don't have fears holding me back from taking action and achieving success.
I don't second guess the content I create and the messaging I share in my real estate business.
I feel confident I'm the right path to success
I receive money in my real estate business without fears and doubts. I believe I deserve money.
I am not afraid to fail. I know failures are just lessons and redirections.
I understand that I know enough to be successful in my real estate business.
I do not fear being judged or accepted. I know I have a mission and purpose, and I feel confident in my direction.
Everything in my real estate business feels right to me. I don't feel like I'm struggling.
I believe I have what it takes to succeed and reach my goals and dreams.
I take aligned action everyday in my real estate business and celebrate each step forward.
I take time for myself to ensure I have the energy to perform more optimally.
I have a strong daily personal development practice to help me keep my mindset and confidence strong and empowered.
All responses will be emailed to you. You will want to take a few minutes to reflect on what came up as you were reading each affirmation. 

Where do you need clarity and confidence?

Which from the list of affirmations do you feel you need to work on most?

Were there any that you checked off that made you feel confident?

Which ones triggered negative feelings or frustrations? 

What negative thoughts came up for you as you read the affirmations?
Mindset Tracker

Now that you've completed the assessment, it's time to become more aware of your mindset and confidence.

Over the next few days I want you to print out the following tracker (will be emailed to you) and start tracking your thoughts as you work on your business. You may have to print out multiple copies!

Where do you find yourself trapped in limiting beliefs? Where do fears come up? Where are you comparing yourself to others or falling prey to shiny object syndrome?

Did you encounter negative thinking statements like "I can't", "this is impossible", "I'm too_____", "I won't ever", "she has it better than me", "It's not perfect", "what if I fail", "I don't know enough", "I'll never make enough money"?

You want to track when you are saying these types of thoughts, what happened to make you think them/what you were focusing on, and why you believe it.

The more you can identify these thoughts and replace them, the stronger your mindset will become, and the faster you'll grow your confidence in your business.

Then come back here and answer the questions in the section below. Be honest and really reflect on your answers. 

1. What were some of the negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs that came up for you over the last few days?

2. What were you doing in your life and business that triggered these thoughts? How often did they come up?

3. Did these thoughts stop you from taking action? What did they stop you from doing or believing you could achieve?

4. Do you remember where these limiting beliefs, fears and self doubts originated from? Where did you learn them? What events or people influenced these beliefs?

5. What would your life and business look and feel like if you released all the fears, doubts, negative self-talk and limiting beliefs you are holding onto, and embraced that success was inevitable, that you are qualified, and that you can build the real estate business you dream about in a way that feels RIGHT for you?

I look forward to guiding you to shift these beliefs to more empowering and truthful thoughts that will catapult you towards your goals, dreams, and life purpose. 

🥂 To your success,


P.S. If you are one of the ladies wanting more information on how I help women, like yourself, clear mindset blocks to increase their focus & success, to feel good about their lives & increase their results consistently...... Let's connect and I can share more details explaining how to work together to achieve that for you. 


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