Application to Hub for Advancing CUHK Entrepreneurship (ACE Hub)
Advancing CUHK Entrepreneurship Hub (ACE Hub) is a university-wide entrepreneurship initiative launched in May 2013, to serve all CUHK faculty members, students and alumni, and systematically advancing them in various entrepreneurial venturing processes, from idea, startup to the growth stage. It will marshal efforts of different units at CUHK, namely the Center for Entrepreneurship (CfE), Centre for Innovation and Technology (CINTEC), and the Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services (ORKTS), to create and deliver Entrepreneurial Toolkit and Training Workshops through the Business Advisory Service, matching them with Investment Opportunities. Also, ACE Hub will adopt collaboration strategies to connect Regional Resources and university program in pursuing our core services.
Personal Information
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1.2. Surname: *
1.3. Given Name: *
1.4. Chinese Name (if any):
1.5. Year of Birth: *
1.6. Country of Residence: *
1.7. Relationship with CUHK (if applicable, select more than one): *
1.8. Language You Can Read (if applicable, select more than one): *
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Working Status
2.1. Have you started your own business? *
2.2. How many companies have you founded? *
2.3. Company Name: *
2.4. Industry: *
2.5. Website (if any):
2.6. Operating Period: *
2.7. Your Position: *
2.8. Your Duty: *
2.9. Product, Technology & Service: *
2.10. Other Information:
2.11. Describe your need in details: *
Business Idea
3.1. Do you have ideas to start new business? *
3.2. Business Idea Summary: *
3.3. What is your current need: *
3.4. Describe your needs in detail: *
3.5. Advantages of your startup: *
3.6. Challenges of your startup: *
3.7. Briefly describe your expectation towards ACE Hub: *
Interest in Startups
4.1. Do you want to join a start-up company as management team? *
4.2. Please list and briefly describe your strengths for starting a new business: *
4.3. What Industries are you interested to join: *
4.4. Other information you want to share: *
Education Background
5.1. Education Institution: *
5.2. Programme of Study: *
5.3. (Expected) Graduation Year: *
5.4. College (only applicable for CUHK students and alumnus):
5.5. Education Institution:
5.6. Programme of Study:
5.7. (Expected) Graduation Year:
Working Experience
6.1. Year of Work Experience (Full-time employed): *
6.2. Company / Organization: *
6.3. Industry: *
6.4. If select "others" for last question, please specify:
6.5. Employment Period: *
6.6. Position: *
6.7. Job Function (if applicable, select more than one): *
6.8. Other Work or Valuable Life Experiences: *
Other Information
7.1. Skills:
7.2. Professional Qualifications:
Personal Data Collection Statement
1. The personal data provided by you will be used by staff in CUHK Center for Entrepreneurship (CfE) for purposes related to the processing of enrollment, registration, academic, administrative, alumni management, research, and statistical purposes.

2.The personal data (including name, address, email and contact number) provided by you will be used by CfE staff for delivering information including any events and functions to be held, courses to be organized, discount, benefit and service offers, solicitation of donations and other affairs and activities related to CfE. This personal data will not be transferred to other external parties for purposes as stated above, except commissioned research consultants and agencies for marketing activities as stated above.

3. Under the provision of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have rights to request access to, and to request the correction of, your personal data. For such requests, please submit written requests to
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