Glenridge Elementary PTO COVID-19 "Offer Support" Form
We are organizing support for the Glenridge Elementary community during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please use this form if you would like to offer help to your neighbors. To maintain privacy, your name is not required to give aid. Priority will be given to high-risk, elderly, disabled, and/or other vulnerable individuals.

Are you looking for help? Go to the "Request Support" (English) form:

We are looking for help translating this form into other languages. Please email if you can help!

DISCLOSURE: The host of this document cannot guarantee that all requests for aid will be met, but is simply offering to share information to allow members of our community to help each other. Please be responsible when arranging to meet with folks you have not met and keep safe social distancing practices in mind. The hosts accept no liability around these engagements.

Many thanks to Covid19 Mutual Aid - Seattle and South Bay Mutual Aid for creating the forms upon which this template was based.

If you are able to help outside of the Glenridge area, please contact Covid19 Mutual Aid - Seattle at

Please email to have information removed or changed.
What is your name? *
This does not need to be your legal name. Add your pronouns, too, if you want!
How can we best contact you? *
Please include your phone number, email, and/or Facebook messenger -- give several options if possible.
How are you connected to Glenridge Elementary School? *
Are you 18+ with a valid ID? *
Young people are welcome to volunteer, too, as long as they're doing so with an adult!
Where are you located? *
You do not need to give an exact address, but a general neighborhood would be helpful.
I can provide the following supports: (Remember, this is non-binding. Please check all that apply) *
Generally, what times are you available?
Do you have access to a vehicle? *
If you are offering to drive in any capacity, do you have current vehicle insurance? *
If you do not have access to a vehicle, how far are you willing to walk from bus lines? Carrying how much weight?
Do you need to be paid for your transportation or time? *
We want to ensure that those who want to provide mutual aid do not face undue burden
If you are offering to pick up groceries / supplies, would you like to help pay for them?
Again, we want to ensure that those who want to provide mutual aid do not face undue burden and we absolutely do not expect you to spend money if you are financially limited.
Clear selection
What type(s) of money transfer work for you?
Do you agree to trust that each person making a request knows their own needs? Can you agree to make deliveries without judgement, if applicable? *
We will not ask anyone to buy or deliver anything illegal. If your answer is "Yes, except...", please select "Other" and list the specific supplies or groceries you are uncomfortable buying / delivering.
Do you have other skills you are willing to provide?
Do you have any other needs or requests to be able to help out?
Do you have any comments or questions?
Thank you for your time - we will get back to you shortly! Depending on the information you've provided, we may reach out to you with additional questions.
By clicking "Submit", you consent to the Glenridge PTO sharing the name, contact information, and/or other information you've provided with a neighbor who has expressed an request for support. If you would like to help, but have questions or concerns about this process, please email
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