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We have a large database of people that is growing significantly that we match up with your distribution site when you partner with us. Some sites give us parameters for leftovers some don't. We then go through our database and match the criteria given or if none we go by location, age, employment, risk factors, etc. we then confirm and send the number of people that equals the number you gave us to fill. We give the site the list of names of who is coming or we give our people a contact name the distribution site has given us. The sites choose which they prefer. We take all the work away from the sites but the initial call/text or email to give us number of leftovers that are available and parameters you want met. No chaos. No thousands of people lining up. No hassle.
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Privacy Policy
This is a volunteer effort to help get leftover vaccines into the hands of those who need it. We will do our best to contact you if we are made aware of leftover vaccines in your area. We will likely be texting the phone number you provided. South Florida Leftover Vaccine Hunters will collect the minimal amount of data about its users to provide an effective and valuable service. We will never monetize personally identifiable information. We do not host or display any advertisements on our website, nor serve any trackers for any advertisement purpose. We will handle, store, and use your personal information securely and responsibly. As much as possible, we will respect and respond to your privacy requests.

Legal Disclaimer
Legal Disclaimer: This Group “South Florida Leftover Vaccine Hunters” is relaying information obtained from third-parties and neither it nor its administrator guarantee the accuracy of the information or the quality of any medical care provided by any third-parties. This Group is solely intended to be a source of information related to COVID vaccination availability but in no way guarantees the quality and/or propriety of any vaccination administered to any reader or user of this Group. Any decisions as to whether to obtain a vaccination and/or how to obtain a vaccination should be made independent of any information provided by this Group. Neither this Group nor its administrator have any affiliation with any vaccination provider entities.
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