Brookline Literacy Partnership Tutoring Application 2019-20
The Brookline Literacy Partnership (BLP) is a student-led social justice group at BHS working to promote literacy in areas without adequate access to the necessary resources. We have two tutoring programs. Sessions are based on Sports Seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring).

1. The Mather School program meets every Monday after school in Dorchester (3:00-5:45) to provide one-on-one tutoring and mentorship. Transportation is provided to and from Mather.

2. Brookline Public Housing tutoring program meets at High Street Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The days are flexible and tutoring is for at least 1 hour. Tutors walk to High Street right after school.

Community Service credit is available for both tutoring programs.

Once you fill out an application, we will email you with more information (start date, etc.) and a parent permission slip. There are also community service forms available so you can record your hours and get credit.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email one of Tutor Leaders (,,

We look forward to having you as a tutor!
Sophie Nigrovic, Rossella Gargiulo, and Dana Ebralidze (Tutor leaders for 2019-20)
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Statement of Commitment: I understand that if I accept an invitation to participate in the BLP Tutoring Program, I am responsible for fulfilling all expectations required and may be dismissed if I do not, including missing a certain amount of absences of tutoring per session or failing to notify the tutor leaders in advance of my absence of a tutoring session. If I am not able to come to a session or decide not to further participate in the program, I will contact the coordinator of the tutoring program within a week’s notice of the next tutoring session. By agreeing here, I am accepting the terms of this statement. If you disagree, please explain in the response above. *
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