Inner Council of a Woman Queen ~ Totnes
Thank you for your interest in the Inner Council of a Woman Queen, an invitation to meet your inner Queen and your inner resilience.

The detailed vision and invitation of the Inner Council of a Woman Queen is to be found on SOULand's website

Here is a form to sign up for the ceremony and details to make your payment and book your place for the three days of ceremony.
Please transfer a non-refundable deposit of £100 followed by your payment according to your budget.

Once completed you will receive a link to a preparation document to prepare yourself for the ceremony.

Where and when
22-23-24 Feb

~ £290 for a small budget 
~ £350 for a balanced budget
~ £400 for women who can afford to support others
Non-residential and food not included.

No women would be refused due to low fund, please make contact!

Reference for your transfer: ICfeb

Cooperative Bank
Acc: 14227617
Sort code: 08-93-00

For outside the UK
IBAN: GB80 CPBK 0893 0014 2276 17

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The Inner Council of a Woman is part of SOULand: Making the World of our Longing ~~~
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