PVHS Star of the Month Nominations!
You can only be the World’s Greatest High School if you have the World’s Greatest Staff. We need to recognize and reward our outstanding staff members for the tremendous amount of hard work they give to each student.

The following form allows you to nominate a monthly “STAR OF THE MONTH.” Please nominate any staff member (this includes teachers, administrators, and classified staff) who have made an impact on your life and/or others. Together, we can honor excellence at PVHS.

This program will recognize staff members who have a passion to make Pahrump Valley High School the World’s Greatest High School. The following is important in the selection of the staff members:

 The selection process will include students, parents, and faculty nominations.
 Two staff members will be selected each month.
 The deadline for nominations is the 1st Friday of each month.
 The staff members will be announced in the morning announcements & receive a surprise from the administrative team, along with a plaque above his/her office and/or classroom.
 After a staff member has been selected, they cannot be nominated for the remainder of that school year.
 Nomination forms will be submitted via google forms.
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