2018 ACD Board Member Application
The Association for Community Design is looking for several new members to join our volunteer board. Following an incredible 41st conference in Baltimore, we’re looking to add motivated folks to our team as we continue to grow the impact of the organization; increasing research, mentorship and support for design practices focused on equity and racial justice in the built environment.

Participation on the board offers some meaningful value-adds:
● Ability to steer organizational strategy, decision making, and areas of focus as it pertains to the organization’s mission to serve practitioners through information exchange, education and research, and perpetuate a more just and equitable built environment.
● Opportunity to personally connect with some of the most inspired and experienced practitioners of racially-just design practices.
● Ability to understand and contribute to the funding mechanics of an evolving not- for-profit organization.
● Access to research, resources, trainings and convenings hosted or sponsored by ACD.
● Joining a diverse, close knit, passionate, and collaborative group of people actively making change.

● You are committed to supporting justice, equity and activism in the built environment
● You are a current ACD member and will maintain your membership for the duration of your board tenure. (link to membership: https://goo.gl/z5zXfz )
● You can make the following time commitments:
○ (1) 90-minute board call each month
○ Participation on 2-3 organizational committees (see below.) Committees may have additional working meetings during the month.
○ Contribute 2-4 hours per week through general Board meetings, Committee work sessions and individual tasks.
○ Willing to remain on the board for at least one term of 3 years
○ Commit to attend the annual conference including annual board meeting(s) which may precede or follow the conference.

● You are or have been involved in leadership with at least 1 other non-profit, social impact, or service-oriented organization; either as a board member, committee member, founder, volunteer, or staff.
● You have experience with nonprofit finance, fundraising, governance, and/or mission-based income generation strategies.
● You have professional experience in branding, website management and social media.
● You have experience with distance collaboration and project management tools such as Google Suite, Slack & Trello.
● You are in an associated, but non-design field, such as law, tech, entrepreneurship, non-profit management, graphic design etc.
● You are able to attend our 2019 Board retreat in Los Angeles this January. Some financial support will be provided.
● You understand the concept of design as a form of activism, support the principles of racial justice, and are interested in growing your voice as a thought leader.
● You have experience in philanthropy or fundraising.

If you’d like to join our team of passionate, multi-disciplinary, nationwide professionals to help shape the future of inclusive design practices. Apply below!

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What’s in your toolbox?, technology proficiencies or useful skills (e.g. website coding, quickbooks, super-fast typer, graphic design, Slack expert, fundraising relationships, branding or marketing expertise, etc.) *
Why do you want to join the board? What’s your superpower? What skills, perspective and experience do you bring to the table as a potential board member? *
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